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    Удобный поиск недвижимости

    Удобный поиск недвижимости

Trust Assets Management

It is not a secret that a conception developed properly is a recipe for success of any project. That is why we pay special attention to it and take into account needs and requires of our clients.

Adamant Estate Group provides professional consulting services on developing high-yield and effective real property concepts for real estate developers, tenants and investors.

The company services in this business area include:
  • Analysis of lands location;
  • Sales territory determination;
  • Analysis of real property competitive ability;
  • Recommendations on the best commercialization of the land property or  buildings;
  • conceptualization;
The project concept is formulated on the basis of conducted work:
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness and payback period.
  • Market segment;
  • Real property type / class, depending on the property concept;
  • Number and business line of supposed tenants including basic «anchor, branded» tenants (for retail real estate);
  • Complex size and level structure;
  • Floor plans working-out;