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    Удобный поиск недвижимости

    Удобный поиск недвижимости

Property market analysis

Adamant Estate Group provides full range of valuation and property market analysis services. Our experts give an advisory opinion. They assess location and region growth prospects, real estate property rental price or recovery value, exhibit terms, commercialization terms, range and quality of neighbouring infrastructural assets, competitor analysis, real estate property strengths and weaknesses. 

Property market analysis includes its identification and interpretation on the basis of real property profitableness, its availability at the market as well as transaction parties’ preferences and buying power.
Market analysis focused on valuation is based on relationship between situation in the property market, its particular region and real estate property in question. As a result, a conclusion about influence of supply and demand interaction on assessed real estate property cost should be drawn. The analysis results can be used circumstantially to determine the most effective use alternative, demand behaviour, marketing policies on current and future real estate property, design as well as possible market share prognostication.

A purpose of the property market analysis is to determine current and future market support point on particular use type in compliance with domestic economy influence on the market behaviour where this real estate property is functioning.